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Self-mailers Get Quickly To The Point

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If advertisers are looking for the optimum mailing, the self-mailer race self-mailers are advertising often makes pure to what you were doing? New customer acquisition? Or maybe a newsletter in printed form? Then, you can safely waive the classic letterhead with flyer or Beilger. There are the self-mailer. And you no longer need an envelope. For promotions, sweepstakes and similar customer addresses, self-mailers are becoming increasingly popular. The foreign exchange: production costs down, efficiency up. So that, what advertisers to dream. Printing, folding, self-mailers glue the finished is the product of a fully automated process.

An and mailing. So to speak from the same mold. No envelope, no envelope. Directly after printing, the processing takes place. Groove sets what is visible from the outside and what not.

The adhesive flap is attached at the end. Now, the self-mailer to the shipper can be delivered. Ingeniously simple & successful who produces self-mailers, advertises like, how effective is this form of advertising. The advertising message arrives directly at the receiver. And he thanked it with high open rates. And not only that, the conversion rates can be seen. Who advertises, has then already reached its most important objectives. Also environmental, because resources can be produced, pleased many in addition. And the cost? Also a self-mailer is only as good as he is also effective. The described saving the material is paying off. Visible, the cheap way of production is the easiest example. A self-mailer in DIN long format is planned. The mailing should have scope to 6 pages and is printed 4/4 colours. A 150 g / QM image printing paper used as material (matt). The self-mailer will also still personalized. The pad should be 10,000 copies. Price range in the self-mailer: approx. 0.22 0.28 euros / ex. Price range at the classic mailing: 0.29 0.35 EUR / ex. Conclusion: What remains is the recognition that a direct mailing in this form has its advantages. Last but not least with high requirements also significantly more money in the own advertising budget can remain. Also like in other printed matter, the choice of the optimal printing plays a crucial role. Specialists for self-mailers are sure front. “Also here applies probably once more: eyes on when choosing a printer.” “And: compare.” The self-mailer – the original alternative to the classic mailing


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