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Furthermore, left some interesting notes and some other application to test. And of course, the presentation of his new project which aims to (and get) attract much traffic thanks to the content of the other but value added, that little truth. I hope that Google will improve their algorithm to find these types of sites that feed on the work of others, to get traffic and then? clearly they sell advertising banners based, Adsensea . see to know. I disagree with this type of project.

Other aspects of the Congress. The moderator – Presenter Massimo Burgio of Congress I was really well, participating in some very interesting questions and good sense of humor. Yellow card organizers for this eternal waiting in the sun before you start. 1 hour delay is long. At least we could have let go, even if not all ready. I would have saved the headache.

The best: the Company As you know, since this blog was organized in Valencia to go left all to dinner and share opinions during the Congress. All bring our point of view and theories more or less agree (true Joseph). In the end, was very positive meet people with the same concerns that we and those who had agency could confirm how customers behave the same way as Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante or China.

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