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Silica Brick

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Brick – one of the most common materials traditionally used in the construction of buildings and structures. Technology brickwork gives architects and designers unlimited possibilities for the realization of creative ideas. Providing protection from external factors, having a high fire resistance and relatively low thermal conductivity, brick determines the high level of safety and comfort as residential and industrial buildings. By appointment brick construction and is divided into front (facing, front). Building bricks used for the internal rows of masonry for external or series, but with subsequent plaster. Facing bricks – a uniform color, has two smooth, flat surface of the face (so-called 'poke' and 'stretcher'). It is used for interior decoration is known that the brick is 'red' and 'white' – they differ composition. Red brick is mostly made of clay and is called 'ceramic' white – sand and lime.

A mixture of the latter was called 'silicate' and, hence, calcium silicate bricks. Silicate brick in shape, size and main purpose is no different from clay bricks. sand-lime brick of high quality must meet the following specifications: First, take into account the compressive strength. For sand-lime brick he is 15 – 20 MPa. In characterizing the strength of bricks marked with the letter 'M' indicating the degree of safety (M100, M125, M150, etc.).

When construction is necessary to consider this option, ie, for the construction of 2 – 3 storey cottage is suitable brick and M100 grade, but in the construction of bearing walls high-rise buildings make better use of the brand and M150 above. Second, the average density of the brick must be 1300 kg / cu.m. Third, the frost of silica brick is 15 and higher cycles to central Russia is best to choose a brick with a frost 35 – 50 cycles. Fourth, the maximum temperature of application should not exceed 550 C. Prices for sand-lime brick depend primarily on its technical characteristics, and hence on the quality. Therefore, buying a brick, always ask the seller license, because the brick quality will not only provide a good appearance of the building a few years, but its safety, strength. silicate brick masonry with good use of load-bearing walls and partitions of different, but strictly forbidden to use it in laying the foundations put stoves, fireplaces, pipes, sockets, etc. A definite plus silica brick in front of the ceramic is its high sound insulation performance that is important in the construction or interior walls mezhkvartirnyh. Techno-economic indicators sand-lime brick clay brick superior. Required to produce it in 2 times less fuel is 3 times less energy is 2.5 times less labor intensity of production, ultimately the cost of sand-lime brick is 25-35% less than clay. Silicate brick can be solid and hollow. Hollow brick and lighter due to this reduced pressure on the foundation. In addition, it has a lower thermal conductivity, so walls of a brick can be made thinner without compromising the thermal insulating characteristics. The use of brick with holes makes it possible to build in the usual way, with improved thermal properties, reduce labor costs, reduce the number of species of silica brick is very broad. If the mixture in the manufacture of silica bricks are added weatherproof, alkali-resistant pigments, then we color sand-lime brick. This is a silicate brick sandstone stained (range of colors can even include yellow, green and blue), a brick is usually used as a facing. Produced as a porous silicate brick and sandstone hollow, hollow brick / sandstone with a texture and so cleaved


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