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It seems at first a nonsense, a partnership forced on human logic. However, to stop us note amazed how many similarities we have with those silent and forgotten objects which are the books. The man has a birth, comes from creative parents who have previously dreamed of that creature. The book has an author who previously caressing the dream of a content to disseminate and recreate with other congeners. Man is born in an environment controlled to properly govern their first moments of life, and the book sees the light at a publishing company who cares about and striving its presentation and content to be attractive and stimulating readers. The man enjoys from the start of an identity, its name, this places him in an individuality within the planet, well, the book also has a title that is unique and registered within the publishing market, and that set him within its genre and style. The man begins his history in the stretch of the childhood, the book begins his narrative with the presentation.

The man continues with a soured life of actions, some positive and others less so, the book continues with a wonderful and exhilarating plot. The end of man and the book is the closure of that individuality; one just embracing death and rebirth to an eternal life, and other finishes with the back cover and the possible fate of the forgotten Bookshelf or the longing of one hand eager to reread. Man marks his day to day life in this monotonous evolution occur facts, feelings and ideas. The book takes shape with each one of the pages that compose the history, and in each of them there are images, dreams, feelings and all told with ideas. The man is protagonist along with other similar ones of the plot of his life. The book has in addition to its plot a set of actors that take place at the plot and the outcome.

Man don’t like being abused, or humiliated, feel fear of the pain and needs to be rescued, helped and put into standby if it is affected by an ailment. The book needs to be cared for and respected from its structure to its treatment. We have to take care of their pastas, we should not wrinkle their leaves, or damage your words or images with deletions. Man has sad and happy days, the book has fun pages and other nostalgic and dark. There are books of many sizes and thicknesses, as many as aesthetic and corporal varieties within men. We do not dare to say that a fat book is worse that one more slim, in the same way we cannot say that a man is worse than the other only by his complexion. There are stories, novels of horror and adventure, as well as lives of Princesses and models, wretched lives and lead fulfilling lives of travel and uncertainties. There are very short and interesting, books in the same way that there are lives of men who are truncated too early. Other books are extensive and more monotonous, as the long life of an elderly person who has already reached the monotony of days. The end of this article is deliberately open. The reader close it inside, perhaps with a last memory for that book (his book, with capital letters) is the book of your life. Original author and source of the article.

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