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In a society that raw material productivity, social success and the accumulation of material goods, work addiction is one of the most common addiction forms, and much more used to fill a large empty existential addicted worker. If we were to draw a profile, we would say that it is one person older than 30 years, with medium-high economic level, tends to be male, and his work carries a burden of responsibility, and according to the Institute for Labour Studies of the Esade Professor, Simon Dolan, to said, we should add that many addicts are people with low self-esteem who have a great need for success, or a terrible fear of failure, and they think that they can be Superman life away to be aware of the problem they have, capable of ruining his life, addicted to work, can submit to society as successful people, proud of the large number of hours that you spend working, and sometimes are offered and are taken as a reference to follow. We can affirm that not everyone who works It is much addicted to work, but he who does to unconsciously compensate his shortcomings or personal, as a response to the failure that felt in other areas of her life. In this sense explained Inaki Pinuel, psychologist’s work, that the workaholic is a victim of a pathological attachment to his profession, not in order to achieve goals or professional performance but as a means of escape, avoid internal psychological conflicts. A worker who never disconnected, never relaxes, does not support the feeling of loss of time, and that he does not enjoy doing nothing more than his job. His profession is its only existential reason, adds Pinuel, who describes it as silent epidemic. This addiction is associated with another type of unhealthy habits such as the consumption of drugs, physical inactivity or incommunicado, and exponentially increase the likelihood of becoming a tragic end already that, according to Antonio Jimenez Ramos, Secretary general of the Spanish society of thoracic surgery and Cardiovascular (Sectcv), (who, quite rightly, prefers to speak of the power addicts), live in a permanent state of anxiety and stress, and at the same time systematically neglecting his health, through the intake of large amounts of coffee and smoking, becomes hypertension problems, diabetes and increased risk of having cardiovascular crisis.


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