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When we speak of goals in life it is necessary to establish a clear path that will allow us to take steps in the right direction, it may initially seem a fairly simple work, but involves a balance between our emotions, desires, principles and beliefs. No matter the distance that now we can perceive that we need to get to the achievement of our desire, are interested in our determination, the inner strength that pushes us in an extraordinary way and makes the results to be submitted. We must never fall into the excuses that we need certain conditions to begin, that creates a vicious circle that justifies not start to do things, common excuses are as follows: I need more time, another week, with other people if I’ll do it, here is complicated, if you have capital you must delete your mind words ending in iera such as he hadI had, you were, you got, etc. If you look carefully these words do not exist, i.e. are not past or present, nor future, only involves assert us a State of incapacity. Each time that you begin to assert themselves justifications it is not in the path of change because you can always find more compelling reasons to not make their ideas work.

In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt we are told that the main engine of change must be acceptance of our responsibility for our own lives, everything that we have now or it has not been product ourselves either consciously or unconsciously. So you should understand that a way to begin working to achieve our goal, there is always for example we know that today we are in the information age, study about our purpose may be a mandatory step that needs to be give to avoid improvisation. There is no doubt that there are more favourable than others, but the most exceptional condition of all is his wish, that must be a fuel that must never run out, so I get up every day thinking about what you will be doing precise plan of what will do, will continuously assess, measure their progress. Once you activated his desire to invade a huge faith, doors will begin to open up, this is what is stated in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt and it is that what is essential is to achieve exceed fifty per cent, more expensive is the inner impulse that moves the hard cart of our limiting beliefs. Remember that between most high is your dream, more radical and different from what has traditionally been doing your cart is heavier, think that your life has stalled because a wagon in a place you parked and eventually was filling with limiting ideas which are equivalent to coconuts deposited in that cart, each time that you share with other ideas negative is not them said to the othershimself says and adds a heavy coconut to your stationary cart.


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