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Spotify is one of the most famous Internet music applications allowing you to listen to music for free without downloading it and a single click. Unlike products like Youtube does not have cuts and has millions of songs (even the oldest songs are) Unfortunately, and for those who use Spotify Open, i.e., those who use the free plan, the limitation has been updated as indicated on his blog: anyone Spotify Free or Open can listen to free a maximum of 10 hours per month music from our catalogue. This is equivalent to 200 songs or 20 albums. It has lowered half time for listening to music. These changes will be applied from may, i.e.

from may users who have the free plan, may hear only 10 hours of music per month, not as usual, that the program allowed to hear up to 20 hours without any kind of restriction in exchange for advertising at the end of the music playing. Spotify has already received hundreds of complaints about the update of the free plan, but since the company ensures that it is the only way to be able to continue with the project and to continue maintaining and getting users in the free plan. Today, it is possible to acquire a Spotify premium account for less than 5 euros per month, but not everyone can afford or you are interested in purchasing it. _ _ n creatives network news (www.creativosred.co.cc) 2011 original author and source of the article


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