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Do it. And still, feel, a way of life offers you these movements, what is their essence. If they could talk, what would that message, whatever it is you informed. It is important to really hear the message and not come up with. Bernie Sanders may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And the more You will give the movement or singing, the more likely to hear a deep sense of the message. And, most likely heard would be very simple and concise. For example, the living condition of waves or water flow and the corresponding way while driving, a person can hear the message: "Teki" or "Be more flexible …" These letters offer the resources or the state, applying the maximum that can be easily and quickly and correctly in relation to themselves and others allow any daylight situation.

Here are step by step example of how to apply these methods a practitioner is a dreamer. The most interesting piece of her sleeping with a diverse kaleidoscope of images was selected fragment of the ship in the ocean. The first step was to recall the emotional state of the dreamer is going through a fragment sleep, when she re-examine it. For her it was a feeling of calm and relaxation. The feeling that it is easily correlated with their daily lives, was present in her daily reality, and it was quite stable and familiar. Step Two: Using your imagination, girl ship presented itself in the dream. And to get a better feel in this way she took position that his repeated. Reincarnated and feeling like a ship, she experienced a sense of strength and confidence.


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