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Success Depends On You

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As we grow we realize that there are basically two kinds of people in life: the successful and the unsuccessful. Note that I have not written that are successful because that is a very vague appreciation of a fully realized person, nor I have written that are failures since both expressions reflect unrealistic way the essence of the individual. It is not possible to measure the level of a person’s life, and neither his happiness, authenticity and value by some successes or failures. These qualities are beyond the events surrounding a human being, because they determine what persistence will continue to work to achieve their dreams and transcend. The story is full of great examples of people who experienced his view in the stars and these setbacks that seemed insurmountable, and however continued forward, put guided to the realization of their highest aspirations. (A valuable related resource: Martin O’Malley). But imagine that for a moment Tomas Alba Edison would have thought that it was impossible to make your bulb after all occasions on which their experiments gave no results; or think of the Madam Curie surrendered as a scientist because she was a woman in a society that did not give him credit precisely by being a woman; or meditate in Napoleon Bonaparte alluding in his short stature. Each one could have waived with apparent reasonableness, but none of them would be remembered, studied, exemplified today, etc. It is amazing to read about these great men and women that they were not limited to go through life, they were launched (consciously or unconsciously) to be forgers of the story itself. But what about us? I want to say: we are leveraging our life to leave our mark in history? We can perhaps not be remembered by everyone, as it is the case with some, but those around us we remember? Do we look like: successful or unsuccessful? We will see as an example of selflessness, delivery, and service or we will be forgotten quickly? The answer to these questions is in the present.


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