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Success Four Important Tricks

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When was the last time you put an ad or tried put it? Really know how to write an ad? It will have drafted many ads but I want you to know that the majority of people have no idea of the things important to take into account the time to depose a posting!. Most of the people do not buy because you need something but by the deso new feeling that sense of the experiences during and after the purchase. For this reason, when we make an announcement, we have to try to emphasize the part psychological of the prospect, because human beings enjoy the feeling of having something new, but if we are honest with ourselves, in real life many things we could stop buying them because it does not make us real lack. how influences this in your advertising campaign? 1. Do not explain in detail all the features of your product, that can bore the prospectus; think of el, Ponte instead discover what would be your hypothetical problem or your whim and escribelo in the first line of your ad. For example: still without gift for your girlfriend?In this case remember you that still has not solved this problem but still have time.

And le estas putting the solution in front of their eyes. Explain the advantages of your product or service sometimes don’t have. It is the problem. 2. In the second line writes only a characteristic of the your product. That solves that problem hypothetical that you’ve raised previously. It’s emphasis on advantages that improve the lifestyle of the people. For example: A phone is not an important thing for vivre, but depending on how we write our ad may seem that our carte customer you can live better with this product. I explain it with an announcement: talk to the phone while do you drive? Original author and source of the article


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