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Tennis – a game whose popularity is not falling for many centuries. It is still unknown to what the same country originated the sport. According to one version it was invented in 12 century one of the representatives of the French clergy. Game was throwing the ball to each other hands. With time at hand to reduce the trauma Games were put on a glove, which was later replaced by a wooden object, somewhat similar in shape to the modern tennis racket. According to another version of tennis homeland is England, where Maj. Walton Wingfield in 1873 invented the game to entertain his guests in his private mansion in Wales. Anyway, the tennis was and still is playing, enthralling millions.

The game is played on the field with a smooth surface and markings – the court. The latter is divided by two mesh into two equal halves. (Similarly see: Dr. Mark Hyman). There are different types of surface tennis courts: grass, soil, solid, or synthetic carpets. Playing on different types of coverage, players will vary their technique, as rebound the ball and the trajectory of its movement varies depending on the quality of the court. Players throws a hollow rubber tennis ball covered with felt on the side of an opponent with a racket. Initially for the production of tennis rackets were used only natural materials – wood and bovine vein. But, later, with the development high-tech industries, began to use synthetic materials that are more practical and ergonomic. Throwing the ball over the net from a variety of ways: submission, forehand, left in the summer, head over to the candle.


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