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Pens are probably the most famous and also most popular promotional products in the world. You target a broad audience, will be gratefully accepted by your recipients with joy and be used especially as a giveaway items at fairs and mailing allowance. A promotional application, is located on a high-quality writing companies can benefit from the dual benefit of this advertisement, because they always stay positive reminder the receiver. But pen is not equal to ballpoint pens. Large differences exist in the quality. Prefers are often very inexpensive models from the far East, which have only a short life. Plastics processing and the acquisition of the mines can be often very to be desired. Conclusion: The initial joy of the receiver via the printed pens quickly overturns in a nuisance.

Since man is visually fixated, the disappointment will relate to the company, that is placed with his promotional application on the writing. Therefore, value should be be placed on high-quality pens. German pen productions are highly recommended, as the standards are very high. A particularly high quality and longevity related exhibit the characteristics of the material and the mines. Also in the field of design, there are countless variations that leave no wishes unfulfilled. The leading pen manufacturers include KLIO Eterna, Ritter pen, UMA and PRODIR(Swiss made). For more information about customisable pens and other promotional items at Franziska Ramcke


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