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In that way I educate my child? As I do to guide you? As I avoid to fall into common errors that abound today in society? The problem. When it comes to the upbringing of children, it seems that everyone has something to say. New parents before copying the example of their own parents or were guided by his religious convictions. Now, however, in many countries the family is in decline and the religion has lost its influence in society; Hence, many resort to professionals in the field. Some of the views of these experts rely on good principles; others, instead they are contradictory and soon become outdated. The solution. Be advised with the person more understood in the theme of the parenting, God read the Bible, contains direct advice and practical examples that can help you to be better father or mother.

I will certainly give Council with my eye on you (Psalm 32: 8). 2. make your home a paradise of love children need love. The M. f. Ashley Montagu anthropologist wrote in the 1950s; What the human organism but it needs for its development is to nourish affection; the source of this health in affective experience, especially during the first six years of life, children suffer serious emotional mutilation when given an inadequate diet of affection. The problem. Life in this world asunder and sometimes selfish causes big tensions within households.

Economic and emotional pressures involving the upbringing of children exacerbate problems in the marriage. For example, differences of opinion on how to discipline and reward the children may increase the tension between the couple so that he ends up breaking the communication and the problem goes deeper. The solution. Tell your children that he loves, for example to openly express affection for their children. Fleck, a father of Austria said: I have learned that the children are somewhat like flowers, looking for the Sun to which les of light and heat. The children go to their parents to receive love and confirmation that they are valued members of the family. Continue.


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