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Successful Presentation

Nor all the Tips in the world could avoid 100% that dislike the customer our design, however there are some considerations that will give him a maximum potential to our proposal of design. As we have already said, not enough to have the talent to achieve success, is also imperative have suspicion and character to know that design and sell. In this same way achieve the acceptance of our proposal to design the customer, does not depend solely deployed on it, creative talent but also a presentation strategically well handled. PRIOR considerations: But before thinking on how to make our presentation something shocking, must correctly plan design, making us of: understood expectations graphs of the customer provide the time needed to develop the best approach to count with all the graphics and logistical resources start them (logo, texts and basic pictures, list of communication priorities, etc.) for make a proposal as objectively as possible. If our proposal is based on a solid technical, creative and communication basis, then we have already won mid-career, with professional design, we now complement our strategy giving our presentation a maximum potential.

Tips: Explain some things before displaying the design dedicate one couple of minutes to explain their proposal before displaying it, quickly count which were strategic and technical criteria that justify their creative decisions for having done design which did this in addition to his more professional presentation, could protect it from possible unfounded discrepancies that may arise. Do feel from a first time customer that nothing in the design is coincidence, would reinforce the confidence that can develop towards our professional judgement, this will cause it to appear more responsive and flexible towards subsequent explanations once see the design. Be careful that this threshold does not exceed 5 minutes, nor do we want to increase his anxiety to see design, because I could play us against, to raise their expectations.

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