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The right psychology, that is often the key to successfully to remind and to collect debts. Hamm, in June 2010: it draws the prior Inkasso GmbH with its expert team of a large pool of experience and outstanding friendly and persistent claims is calling. It is important that always a positive relationship between the debtor and creditor will maintain the debt collection experts from Hamm. The judicial Dunning and enforcement procedure initiates the prior Inkasso GmbH only at persistent non-payment. Often no evil intention, if consumers do not pay their bills and therefore become debtors. Many forget the numbers of amounts in the stress of everyday life – in some cases, liquidity bottlenecks can pay financially too. Therefore, the right strategy in addressing the debtor according to the prior Inkasso GmbH is an extremely important factor.

Often run recoveries where you used a polite tone and on the Bills reminds the debtor at the end positive. The successful strategy of prior Inkasso GmbH contains in the rule first sending the collection letter of formal notice. Especially forgetful debtors are the ones who now respond and pay their bills. The other type of debtor is, as already mentioned, the insolvent debtor, which conditionally can not pay the Bills by cash-flow problems. This would sure like to pay the outstanding claims, but it cannot and does not simply respond to the letter of formal notice. This renewed and solution-oriented contact on the part of prior Inkasso GmbH (E.g. in the form of offering an installment) is the right way. Another type of debtor is the notorious debtor.

This group of people deliberately ignored the letter of formal notice and therefore, immediate legal action should be initiated with him. If the form of the written reminder for different reasons is ignored, trained experts of prior Inkasso GmbH with the respective debtors call professionally on these situations, to learn about the reasons for the non-paid invoices. The reason for this is not to pay the employees of prior Inkasso GmbH-known, they apply systematically the specific strategy for each debt type, which has proved in practice already very successful. It aims to move the debtor through the right choice of words and competence to the payment of the outstanding amounts. If unfortunately this measure does fail, the prior Inkasso GmbH introduces the legal proceedings. Depending on the case, it may be applying for reminders and enforcement notices. Further steps would be applying for warrants the proceedings as well as a possible foreclosure, the request to submit of an affidavit, or in extreme cases.


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