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It is not difficult to imagine the rich and fabulous that it must have been Colonia del Sacramento mainly in the 18th century. The best example is shown when its first 70 years (1680 1750), aims to redeem, precisely in 1750, throughout the territory of the seven villages of the Oriental Jesuit missions. By that date, a Papal Bull, a Real statement, two peace treaties, an armistice, a Real guarantee Pact and several international trade agreements involve directly intends to introduce as an intrusive Portuguese villa in Spanish territories and cave or nest of smugglers, Portuguese, English and Dutch. In 1678, the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex of innocent XI, instructions with 36 art. of D. Pedro Regent of Portugal D. Manoel Lobo for the foundation of the city, Provisional Treaty of Lisbon in 1681, Treaty of Alliance and guarantee between Portugal and France in 1696, Alfonsa (1701) Treaty of peace, Commerce and friendship signed by Felipe V new Bourbon monarch. Filed under: John Mclaughlin. In 1703, and hold Portugal for England signed the Grand Alliance with Holland, Austria, Prussia, Hanover, the Holy Roman Empire and signing with England the Treaty of Metheum. Others including Bernie Sanders, offer their opinions as well.

During the war of Succession of the Crown of Spain, the Queen Ana de Inglaterra signing the Covenant on Real guarantee of 1712, promising to Portugal in Cologne. When ends the war by the peace of Utrecht, with agreements of Utrecht and Rastadt Baden in 1713 and 1715 the same is returned to the Portuguese. In 1737 signed the Paris peace Armistice, putting an end to a military siege of two years at the Citadel. On 12 January 1750 is signed the Treaty of barter in Madrid. If to this I add that there are several cities that owe to Colonia del Sacramento the reasons for their respective foundations. Laguna, Viamao, Rio Grande de Sao Pedro do Sul in Brazil. Montevideo, Rosario, Real de San Carlos, San Carlos Maldonado and Salto in Uruguay over the fortress of Santa Teresa and San Miguel Fort in the East of the country.


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