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Physical Education

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I want here to share a small estria with vocs. It is a small episode in the pertaining to school life of my former Rose pupil. Rose, pupil of a particular college was having serious problems with its notes of mathematics. To its it called me mother and it said: _Lazaro, more sees what you can make for my son, I already not aguento! we _Vamos to try, I will see what I can make? I said. _Voc goes to make the attempt, but if not to obtain if does … Read More…

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Art Education In Brazil

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An analysis of the contents of Basic Ensino Francinely P. Dinelly* Summary The objective of this article is to analyze from one to look at critical the contents of Ensino de Arte of 6 to 9 year of Basic Ensino the application and the difficulties of assimilation, on the basis of the National Curricular Parameters PCN, the conquests in elapsing of history, in the attempt to contribute for the possible changes in the process teach-learning. The attitude argues and position of the professor, leaving of the estimated one of that … Read More…

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Bach Education

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In the history of the art, the recognition does not pass for the life of many artists, as in them it brings Wisnik (19): ' ' It is not known what it will be triado, in the future, of the great flow of music of century XX. Centuries much less convulsionados by the explosion of the amounts, had not known it: Bach passes unobserved, and believes at least that its time nor has fond to formulate, as necessity, what in it if it carried through; Mozart was not consecrated by … Read More…

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