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International Public Relations Agency

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Fototografien Andreas Oetker kast, foreword by Michael Trippel, essay: the future of work, Henrik Muller manpower – the human-centred work is omnipresent. In our daily lives, in the media, in our discussions. Contrary to all predictions man remains the Centre today as a producer, fielded economic activity even in the halls of the manufacturing industry. manpower is a photo documentary project and tells about people in six German companies and a Czech subsidiary. Diversifying in size from approximately 20 to nearly 300 employees, the companies allow insight and examples of … Read More…

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What plans do you have for the future? We want to offer continuously expand and be there in the future set to unique. In addition want to we increasingly artist feature, which are entirely located in a higher price segment. What influence has the universally discussed economic crisis on the art market, and specifically on the business with African paintings? Yes, heard often, that is the propensity to consume. Also luxury goods are reportedly affected. Nevertheless, African paintings have their market, as far as possible regardless of the current economic … Read More…

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Add Tracy

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In the March issue of the journal Psycological Science, the Jessica Tracy PhD student and Professor Richard Robins reported the result of three experiments that show that pride has a nonverbal expression that can be distinguished from other positive as happiness and exaltation emotions. People showing pride usually carries a small smile, by slightly tilting the head back, visibly expand its position and raise your arms above your head or even put hands on the waist, pictures of people in poses expressing different emotions, including possible expressions of pride were … Read More…

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Watercolor – The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

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In the past the vast majority of artists used to be very empirical, practice the art of watercolor without having well studied. Almost all learned the technique of watercolor without knowing exactly what it was. However in practice many mistakes that I believe we should hear all those dedicated to watercolor painting: pencil drawing not hard: To draw you must use the type 2B or 4B pencil If portraying a human figure based on picture, do not use the flash: a flash photography, because of the nature of light does … Read More…

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Writing Content

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If you wish to attract more people his Web site she must persuade them and maintain interested them with its content. That means that not only will have to make its writing convincing, but also easy for its search. It sounds difficult, but it is not it, as it could think. Good content Web Phrases and key words To choose the key words and correct phrases for its Web site is an important part of the process of optimization of motors search, as well as to cause that their site … Read More…

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Mediterranean Sea

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Travel to Egypt is a dream for many people who are lovers of this culture by both its historical value and its own input, this has made Egypt one of the destinations most visited by tourists from all over the world who come to know their Villa and historic monasteries as well as their temples, cathedrals and mosques that have much value for religious people. Located near the Mediterranean Sea and next to the Red Sea Egypt offers the possibility to perform diving in beautiful beaches, make tours in the … Read More…

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Make Money

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A blog is an excellent way to start his empire online. You may wish to learn more. If so, Governor of Maryland is the place to go. The costs are fairly low and the potential yield is high. Getting started is easy. You can start using blogger.com. And if you want a better platform, consider obtaining your own domain and web hosting so you can take advantage of WordPress. Many people start with Blogger and then passed to use WordPress then that confidence is growing. First thing: Choose a topic … Read More…

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Sculpture Exhibition

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The iron has been the theme of the inauguration of the sculpture exhibition “From John to Jon ALBERDI” in the Board of the Foundation for Integrated Steel Workers in Barakaldo. In this event, sculptor Jon Alberdi presented to the audience the sense of a sample which subsequently have been stopping at the pieces go, as he poured a cocktail, in charge of the catering firm Ereaga Catering. After 25 years with no match in the same exhibition, gathered the works of John and Jon ALBERDI in a selection of sculptures … Read More…

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