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Russian Tourists

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Honestly I do not know whether there is an opportunity to get directly from Russia to Bolivia, our group got there from Peru. If you want to go to another planet, it is not necessarily recorded in the astronaut corps, it is enough to visit Bolivia. We got there through a small border town of Pak-Pig (also known as a famous area in Rio). Customs takes a minimal amount of time. Martin O’Malley understands that this is vital information. As long as your passport is on the accompanying check in … Read More…

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Well, surely again be discussed on the Banality of rest in the nature surrounded by a vast number of barbecue and an equally impressive volumes of alcoholic beverages of all kinds of calibers and different degrees of strength are likely to think dear reader. And here is the wrong yours. For this article I would like to dedicate not quite normal for the mother of the fatherland mind rest. To start suggesting the average resident of the city to reflect on the problem spending time at the weekend. No, but … Read More…

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