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Memo driver. More recently, the presence of even very small percentage of alcohol which leads to a breathalyzer catch imminent deprivation of rights. Is it good or not, a moot point. On the one hand, this measure prevents the temptation to fans drink driving, even the slightest chance to sip on the other hand, alcohol can be contained even in the most ordinary, so-called no alcoholic beverages, such as a brew kefir or drugs. Well, the most unpleasant, either instrument has a margin of error. Price errors Breathalyzer, deprivation of … Read More…

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Halogen Power Consumption

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At all stages of the xenon lamp ignition is microprocessor-based control over the settings on the electrodes of the xenon lamp (Current consumption, voltage). The system xenon HID Xenon lamp – xenon gas and mercury salts can create a plasma discharge inside the capsule (with the help of two molybdenum electrodes), which in turn causes glow of the gas inside the capsule. Ignition transformer – an electronic amplifier, which receives control pulses from the ballast and multiplies the voltage to ignite the arc in the capsule of the xenon lamp. … Read More…

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