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Some Time Ago

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Some time ago some time ago ago, fell into my hands a book that likened life to a train journey between lines. I don’t remember the title of book, nor its author, but his reading made me reflect on my own life and that of my friends. It was an extremely interesting, full of memories and feelings aflorados reading. (As opposed to goldentree). After much thinking about what they had read, portayed that same which had taken between the lines, that life is not more than a train ride, replete with entries and downhill, sometimes dotted with accidents with different results, sometimes mild and other serious, with pleasant surprises at some stations, and deep sadness in others. At birth, we got on the train and we met some people whom we believe that they will always be with us on that journey, and identify them as our parents. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vinit Bodas. Unfortunately the truth is otherwise, they are not always with us. But there are other people that will happen the same thing along the way.

They will be lowered at any station leaving us orphans of his affection, friendship and your irreplaceable company. However, that feeling of helplessness passed does not prevent to climb other people that will be very special along another part of the journey. They may be our brothers, friends and those wonderful love that appear to fill a gap in our heart and fill it with extraordinary feelings. People who take this train, there will be those who do so as a simple walk, while others will find the meaning of life during the trip and there will be others who, anonymously and circulating through the train, they are always ready to help those in need without asking anything in return. Many down, leave a permanent nostalgia others spend so unnoticed that not even give us account that left a seat next to ours.