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International Exhibition Cebit RKSS

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Russian Corporation of communication “(RKSS), a trusted manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, for the first time took part in the biggest international exhibition CeBIT-2011, devoted to information and telecommunications technology. The forum, held from 1 to 5 March in Hannover (Germany), was attended by more than 4200 companies from 70 countries worldwide. The exhibition RKSS introduced representatives of the global IT community the company and announced a collaboration with the Foundation Skolkovo in the field of high technologies and innovative development of the domestic IT industry. RKSS – the only Russian … Read More…

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Call Center Companies

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This factor greatly increases the importance of the role of the integrator in the project of building Call Center (ATC). For efficient operation of the company service provider should not only display equipment, and laboratory benches, where experts test new solutions integrator and test their performance, before offering them to clients. Qualified personnel – the key to success of any company. It is therefore necessary to continually invest in their employees. Many suppliers equipment for call centers (ATC) to conduct mandatory certification of specialists they offer solutions and technologies. Experience … Read More…

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Japan Compressed

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Naturally, this water can be used just like using your normal lake, but salty. If we leave where the membrane between the ocean water and water that is in the donut, then in this case we get a fresh water lake. And it can be divided monosotami and we can even adjust the temperature and salinity. And this means that we can grow very different kinds of fish. And not just fish: there may be marine plants (algae) krivetki. There may also be a crayfish, and mammals. But just as … Read More…

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Secret Illusion Marketing

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You will need two special ingredients to make this marketing strategy work successfully. You must have a product that is very valuable to your target audience, and something that you can provide for free. So what secret? – You ask. Tell your visitors what they can to get your product for free, if you will advertise your site. You can make your product is incredibly valuable, selling it. Write to the product compelling ad full page and start a real payment system. The higher price would you put, the more … Read More…

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Desired Effortlessly

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What’s the quickest to accomplish what we want? The famous Internet marketer, Michael Joyner argues that there are five basic laws by which we can achieve any goals. To achieve the goal must be observed: The Law of straight lines: the shortest path between two points – a straight line. Also in achieving the goals: if you want to get quick results, choose the most direct way, do not need any extra steps and tasks. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Mclaughlin by clicking through. Act a … Read More…

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Good Timing

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Once I was invited to timing manager, who is engaged in sales. At the end of the meeting showed that all the deeds he performed, are short-lived, as they run an average of 2 10 minutes. Typically, this is any indication subordinates, or phone calls, ie, subject categories communication. And when it has become necessary to describe the structure of this communication, it turns out an interesting fact: 50% of the total communication time manager spent on unnecessary explanations. These extra explanations do not bear any meaningful content, and carried … Read More…

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Small, Successful Business

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So, you decided to open a small business. You tired of working for the boss, you feel the strength and ability, a burning desire to create their work. The desire to eat, but no experience. That in this case do? One answer, learn and learn, absorb information like a sponge, and best practices for people to open their own small business. Aspects of these knowledge are large and multifaceted, but come together define what are still a major? Basis as the foundation of your help create a strong and a … Read More…

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