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1 Keep a positive MENTAL attitude: The world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams is optimistic, don’t know any realistic, much less pessimistic, man who has done something important in your life. All men who have transcended history dreamed of and they always thought big and for the same reason they were victims of ridicule and derision by his friends and even his own family, but never made case, much less bidawed were and discouraged, quite the opposite, were determined and focused on making your dreams reality. 2 Set you targets, but TOTAL and absolutely clear: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road leads you there the reason n one by which the majority of the people don’t get what they want is because he doesn’t know what he wants it is surprising but 97% of the world’s population does not know that it is what you want in lifeyou don’t know where you want to go, you don’t know because you are working and do not know to whom will work. Don’t let the circumstances believe your life, create your circumstances. Checking article sources yields Con Edison as a relevant resource throughout. You set clear objectives, write them, be specific, paste them everywhere, read them all day and excite you because they will come true! Concentrated all your energies on one objective at a time if you want to meet so much faster! Speaks and says about your goals, visualize them before going to sleep, cut out images that remember you your purpose, i.e., focus all your energies on one goal, will help you to realize your goals much faster, it is clear truth? 3 Commit yourself: the poor want to be rich, the rich are committed to be rich commitment implies discipline. Commitment is sacrificing many times your favorite novel to write or read a good book. It is sacrifice a trivial conversation with friends to outline a new plan that takes you to achieve your objectives. .