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1.-Ten clear your influence whats your guitarist or favorite musician? It will be someone from the 70 s 80 s 90 s, or someone today. Good, whom you admire you should be an example to follow in music an influence there are some who have the influence to slash, Eric clapton, jimi hendrix, noel gallagher, among many others, each with its own style, but with something in common guitar. Clear ten which is your influence, this will make learning to play electric guitar not a process, monotonous, already everything that iras learning can be applied to those songs so much you like. 2.-Find the best mentor if you want to know how to play the electric guitar, but you don’t have the money or time and perseverance that require private classes or even if you don’t know where to begin, it is clear that the multimedia courses are your best option. The best data that you can’t deliver if you want to learn how to play electric guitar, is that you can start looking for the base information and key, since there are concepts if they are basic, but they are not useful when playing your favorite songs or composing. If you only went to search for videos in search of lessons for guitar, depending on how your search, has been no doubt of have been able to learn some things, since there are many people who gives guitar lessons, the problem is that they do not know and do not know that you need to know to you, they have internalized these concepts and jump them is, not count them so you only get to learn an exercise but not a concept that serves you for actually playing guitar. For this reason, the first that everything you will need with basic information, if possible, well taught together with be explained in an easy way so that you can be internalized.