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Design And Installation Of SCS

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Ports jobs scs designed to connect the equipment end users (computers, telephones, scanners, printers, fax machines, etc.) to the resources of the local area network. Patch panel switching nodes are used to connect the ports of jobs scs to the ports of the active Equipment lan. Cable support systems are used to physically transfer the signal from the switch ports to the ports of jobs scs. Organization jobs scs Workplace scs consists of a low-power sockets (ports for voice and data).

Standard workstation consists of a single outlet (1-2 ports: 1 port for data transfer, 1 port for telephony, or 2 ports for telephony). The workplace can be achieved by the following ways: in a wall of plastic or metal conduits, concealed wall mounted, in the service desks (columns) in the floor hatches. Organization of nodes switching scs Depending on the destination switching nodes distinguish: Patch panel RJ-45 (compatible with RJ-11, RJ-12), patch panels such as 110, optical patch panels types of st, sc, lc, mtrj. Patch panel RJ-45 are designed for switching and lan Telephony (Mainly the lan, but this standard allows the same commute pbx ports with the ports of jobs). Type 110 Patch Panels are designed for hard switching (jumpering). In most cases, this standard used in telephony and the organization of channels for transmitting data (DSL, adsl, adsl +, etc.). If necessary, this standard can be used for switching the lan (a large number of lines is not economically profitable). Optical Patch panels are designed for switching of fiber optic communication lines). Patch panels can be installed in the enclosure (rack) floor and wall types, as well as in the form of wall installation.