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Event All popular browsers have made a big leap up in their new versions. Keeping up with them, Opera has made a step up. Norwegian browser is now even more practical and functional, in what has always carried a palm compared with their konkurentami.Ekspress panel most beloved feature Opera users express panel suffered some changes. The developers have been revised very essence of brand home page. Now the cells can act not only as a link to the site, but also a convenient widget interactive sites. True function of the … Read More…

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Against breakage no reception? Turning to the inappropriate behavior, it should be noted that even at the MBT-2 was observed a considerable number of so-called "Gopnik," who behaved inappropriately way. For example, putting an explosive device above my pants and going to the above, the player with the words "Hello, how are you?" Detonated the device on which you (and he) flew into pieces. And nearby was a his faithful "druzhban" and quickly assembled the loot, escaping to share with his partner, who by that time managed to be reborn … Read More…

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