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Cooling Your Laptop

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Tips for better cooling your notebook. Many times we tend to forget a fundamental part of our laptop cooling. It is important to check that the cooling system of our equipment is working properly because the heat is one of the greatest enemies of our laptop. To do this, we must follow some basic tips and simple: 1 .- Use common sense. It seems like a joke but not, when it comes to using common sense we talk of not using the laptop in certain places: for example, using the sun, near a heat source or use it on surfaces that produce heat.

2 .- Check the fan of the team. The fans are inside the portable so that their access is often complicated and open the equipment would void the manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, the recommended option is to use software to verify that the fan is working properly. We can go to the manufacturer's website and check if you have any software or obtain it from other Web pages. 3 .- Clean the vents. It is important to keep those vents clean of dust and dirt. They are located on the rear or side of the team.

Be blocked preventing the flow of air out of the equipment. Obviously, we should not cover these grids. The easiest way to clean is to use a can of compressed air or failing a damp cloth. 4 .- Configuration of the BIOS. Go to urban treatment associates for more information. Today almost all laptops, have options in the BIOS that is responsible for managing the use of computer fans and temperature control, in terms of performance or workload performed by the computer. It is important to check that these values are configured correctly. The equipment manual is a guide to how to properly configure the BIOS. Finally, I recommend buying an external base refrigeration, are available for a small fee at any hardware store, to further assist in cooling the computer.