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Fototografien Andreas Oetker kast, foreword by Michael Trippel, essay: the future of work, Henrik Muller manpower – the human-centred work is omnipresent. In our daily lives, in the media, in our discussions. Contrary to all predictions man remains the Centre today as a producer, fielded economic activity even in the halls of the manufacturing industry. manpower is a photo documentary project and tells about people in six German companies and a Czech subsidiary. Diversifying in size from approximately 20 to nearly 300 employees, the companies allow insight and examples of … Read More…

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What plans do you have for the future? We want to offer continuously expand and be there in the future set to unique. In addition want to we increasingly artist feature, which are entirely located in a higher price segment. What influence has the universally discussed economic crisis on the art market, and specifically on the business with African paintings? Yes, heard often, that is the propensity to consume. Also luxury goods are reportedly affected. Nevertheless, African paintings have their market, as far as possible regardless of the current economic … Read More…

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