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Abscess may develop acute purulent inflammation of any organ (lung), skin and subcutaneous tissue, particularly in furunculosis, carbuncle, abscess, lymphadenitis, etc. If you get into the tissue of substances that cause necrosis, as turpentine, kerosene, etc. A limited collection of pus in the tissues or organs due to inflammation and tissue fusion and the formation of cavities. abscess. The cause of the abscess is the penetration into the tissue pyogenic bacteria (through abrasions, punctures, wounds). Abscesses are frequent due to hematogenous metastasis in general purulent infection (metastatic abscesses). there 'aseptic' abscess.

It can be formed on site of hemorrhage or hematoma (hematoma abscess). Symptoms and flow. Abscesses, which may be caused by all types of the microflora on the size and location are varied. You can test to confirm the diagnosis cavity with a thick needle puncture in the presence of pus. When metastatic abscesses caused by severity of major suffering. Ulcers usually occur subcutaneous favorably. Over the abscess can be seen directions. Symptom is absent when the wall is very thick, and the abscess is small and is located at the back.

The configuration of the cavity – from simple to complex curved with numerous pockets and blind passages. In acute inflammation is very important symptom fluctuation, or fluctuation. Usually occur in the center of the inflammatory infiltrate, a metastatic abscess located away from the primary inflammatory focus. In chronic abscess of the above signs of acute inflammation may be almost entirely absent that. treatment of an abscess. With a small abscess can be limited to one cut is required with a significant re-accumulation of pus and streaks. After getting her pus from the needle left in place as a conduit through which incision. Indications for and urgency of the operation determined by the degree of intoxication. Pyo-inflammatory processes (before the purulent cavity) are treated with conservative methods, local and parenteral antibiotics. Treatment. by its position and size to ensure a good flow of pus. Small ulcers in the flora can malovirulentnoy be cured by repeated punctures with aspiration of pus and the introduction of an antibiotic solution. Deep abscesses opened with a preliminary test puncture. Incisions must meet the direction of skin folds, and the extremity – lines determined by bending the joints, ie Patients with severe general reaction abscess hospitalized in purulent surgery department.