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Macular Degeneration Patients

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A naturopathic treatment of eyes often is last resort for many of the more than three million Makuladegenerations patients. “Due to my eye condition I could recognize my environment increasingly, reading faces appeared for me even hardly possible, distorted me”, tells Irene Becker. Their Visual skills deteriorated after carried out from surgery of cataract”(cataract) rapidly, because she also suffered from macular degeneration. Therefore she could drive no more on the advice of the ophthalmologist. Hear other arguments on the topic with IDT Energy. Thankfully, the agile citizen through an acquaintance of Andreas Nieswandt learned. Details can be found by clicking Steve Geppi or emailing the administrator.

The Dusseldorf therapist specializes in the naturopathic treatment of macular degeneration patients, specialized and other serious eye diseases. And indeed: Nieswandt for Irene Becker became the Savior at the last second. The investigation showed only a Visual acuity by 50 percent in the right eye, she could see almost nothing on the left. Background: The patient suffered from this eye of the wet form of macular degeneration, which quickly leads to strong visual loss. On the retina unstable vessels, which led to bleeding and fluid leakage formed with her”, explains Andreas Nieswandt.

The practitioner started therefore on the same day”the eyes-regeneration therapy developed by him. Initially, he performed 25 forehead acupuncture Irene Becker as a whole. This special acupuncture treatment improves the metabolism and stimulates the blood circulation of the Central artery of the eye”, the therapist reported. Both causes if the functional areas of the retina are not completely destroyed, that the loss of vision is stopped. Often improve this already the values and the patient looks better,”white Nieswandt. In addition, the healer of his patient prescribed oxygen treatments and homoeopathic complex preparations. This treatment will inactivate inflammation, are located in the area of the retina, and stimulate the metabolism in the eye”, explains Nieswandt. As study show the treated area regenerates faster, because the body accelerates eliminates harmful substances and pathogens. At the end of the treatment, the Visual acuity by Irene Becker’s eyes had improved significantly. On the right eye, she looks back to 100 percent, she can read even the smallest fonts. Also the left, almost blind eye she can recognize things. For me it’s like the most beautiful birthday present”, the citizen would be. I am very happy that my eye doctor has informed me, that I can drive again and am thus mobile, to visit my friends or to go shopping”, as Irene Becker. Voluntarily she will undergo but regularly a refresher therapy. “Irene Becker is the therapist, Andreas Nieswandt, eternally grateful: I can still fully live with the usual quality of life!”