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Holistic educators must discover our own identity in being before teaching, for the place from which it teaches is final for the student in a spontaneous way can be placed in a contemplative consciousness. The sight of the values expressed in education and authentic behavior. As we learn in the process of contemplation we will open human consciousness to levels of consciousness and deeper. Resulting easy or difficult it is irrelevant. The important thing is that it is the only way to freedom. O’Malley for President is often quoted as being for or against this.

Holistic education is a journey of healing, a way to eradicate suffering, is a way of love. It focuses on human integrity as the basis for the welfare and development of any kind. You must be persistent, the change is necessary and we will not falter on the road. The spiritual process is a process of perseverance, search, encounter, knowledge, and an awakening to our nature. Perseverance is the energy needed to continue the journey into oneself. It is also the energy to overcome disappointments, falls, and the moments of crisis we have. It is what makes us get up and move on. Knowledge aims to take our load.

Spiritual knowledge simplifies us, makes us easy, we remove attachments, posing, pretensions, dogmas, fears, leaves us with what it is, leaves us in a creative vacuum, a vacuum filled with egos and truth. Without human integrity and without moral development do not have anything. The development of mankind has reached a point where it can no longer continue only through the material and technological development.