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Birth Of A Star In The Firmament Of The Hotels In Mendoza

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The Plaza Hotel Mendoza is awarded for the inauguration of the Hotel Park Suites. The smart choice in regard to superior hotel is the ideal setting for both the businessman who seeks the perfect complement to their work activities are conducted in ideal conditions, such as for tourists who require quality accommodation which to base their tours, both outdoors and indoors. The city of Mendoza is honored with the recent opening of the Hotel Park Suites. Within the Park Suites stands out as a luxurious four-star level. Destined to become the preferential option for the accommodation of both passengers for a destination of preferred features, and for the businessman who needs the most complete infrastructure to support you in your business, the Hotel Park Suites is the natural choice to suit all tastes. Without doubt, among the hotels in Mendoza Park Suites demonstrates the royal blood, on the hotel industry senior. With a distinctly contemporary style, but sumptuous and elegant hotels in Mendoza Park Suites offers the exact answer to the most diverse housing needs. If you come to this city en route to Chile, through international steps, probably from the hotels in Mendoza Park Suites is the most convenient.

The hotel has the promotion "Safe Crossing". This means that if you are delayed by a sudden closure of the international step by snow, you reclaim the Park Suites 50% additional nights should remain delayed by weather conditions. Also, if, because of these circumstances, it can occur at the time of booking the Park Suites will not charge the fee noshow. None of the other hotels in Mendoza offers similar advantages. If you are walking around town, or simply looking for a refined place to spend an evening with friends, the proposal "Afternoon Tea" is the choice for you.

Among the hotels in Mendoza, this is a unique service for all visitors can enjoy the most exquisite creations handmade pastries, while you enjoy tasting the finest blends of teas from around the world. Cuyo city has several options for tourism, both indoors and outodoors activities. But if you look inside hotels in Mendoza Park Suites is the most appropriate option. Qualities that make it especially convenient for both the businessman looking for a place where you base your business and get the best possible support in logistics and equipment, such as for tourists who want to stay in a place that offers quality services Park Suites, hotels in Mendoza, the place you should use. The highest expressions of the national cellar management. For the most demanding sommelier, the Park Plaza is paradise. Of the hotels in Mendoza, the exclusive service of Wine Floors can be considered unique. An environment specially designed, decorated in this theme, to carry out the meetings, for example, while can enjoy the finest wines of the region.