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Federal Constitution

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The first step is to perceive that the garbage is source of economic resource. In Altamira many families survive of the sales of latinhas, of aluminum of catados electric wires in the garbage, in this context suggest that the governing turn toward the incentive to the recycling and the reforestation, giving chance and tax incentives to the companies who are inserted in the context of the environment, in order to generate more jobs the society; that the governmental bodies apply the Law through fiscalization of the companies who generate pollution, … Read More…

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Sociological Education

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Sociology of the Education appears of the meeting between the pedagogia and sociology, as a scientific knowledge applied to the interaction society-education, that makes use of a particular theoretical body, expressed in a specific conceptual system. The first work of Sociology of the Education was of the Frenchman mile Durkheim (1858-1917), that it published ‘ ‘ Educao and Sociologia’ ‘. Please visit Michael Chabon if you seek more information. Shortly afterwards, John Dewey, in 1899, published ‘ ‘ School and Sociedade’ ‘ , reflecting on the social environment and the … Read More…

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Cajupiranga Quarter

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As the norteador axle of the learning it was the study of the reality of the educandos, initially, was carried through a wheel of colloquy for survey of the previous knowledge of the children, through which they could express what they knew on the quarter. The principle, had said that in the land division it had many plants and animals: ‘ ‘ cachorro’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ vaca’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ galinha’ ‘ , however, not yet they had a more including vision of the reality in which they … Read More…

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Environment Production

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Growth From middle of years 50, in some parts of the world, the quality of life if raised thanks to the growth and to the development. Many products and technology had contributed for this improvement, however the impact was very great, in view of the degree of pollution of the use of fsseis fuels. Other forms of production, more traditional, had also provoked consuming ambient. We can cite the deforestations for creation of areas of cultivos, beyond constructions of dams and pastures for the cattle creation. In recent years, the … Read More…

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Fuel Ranks

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78 fuel ranks had been evaluated in 70 cities of the state of Minas Gerais in relation to the practical ones adopted in the collection and the destination of the Used Lubricative Oils or Contaminados (OLUC) and of the oil packings. The results had disclosed that more than 15% of the ranks destine such residues of inadequate form and about 9% declared not to be fiscalized by the responsible ambient agencies. In Minas Gerais they are generated annually about 100 a thousand m of used oil 150 a thousand m … Read More…

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