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Faculty Plagiarism

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The example is not the main thing to influence others, is the only thing. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bernie Sanders and gain more knowledge.. Albert Schweitzer. Dedicated to: Krisheyda. The Faculty was his example. The profession is my mentor.

Writer, editor, journalist and publicist; constantly are under strong pressure when they inevitably have to face the blank sheet syndrome. Learn more about this with Martin O’Malley. I.e., having the task of developing a rain of ideas in order to find the perfect title or the text achieved, confronted with several battles. Suppose that exceeds that modesty or intellectual lock and are able to develop a brainstorming and comply with its goal, no doubt a good thing will come out; or in worst cases, they will face the need to develop some changes every time that they begin to detect that things do not begin to operate as they had referred. The result will be that they will have learned something (in fact thats invaluable information), on the psychology of the consumer. Now, another difficulty a publicist, faces which a journalist, an editor and a writer, is his own ego, personal, creative and intellectual.

All claim to be original and innovative, that attitude is indeed very valid: only as an attitude of wanting to be and give the best of himself. There is also (unfortunately), otherwise; those professionals who are responsible for resorting to plagiarism. We all know that copyright laws protect us. We must also recognise that it is extremely complex to monitor the situation of plagiarism. The only way (and that becomes something personal), regulate that situation is to adhere to our own code of ethics. I recently came across a concept and a really interesting and innovative strategy that gave me the guideline to improve my professional work. I refer to the Swipe File. I understand that this is to make a system of modeling or replica on those holders who have been successful in other industries. I immediately thought if that would not be plagiarism. That’s why I felt the need to write this article. My conclusion is that in all creative process (and more in the case of writing), plagiarism is not given when from a text we have adopted some ideas and start a dialogue with them and produce another text with our contributions. Here we finally resorted to modeling, we are not committing any crime. When one goes to develop an idea taking examples from others, it does so with the aim of giving added value to the new information that will develop. And why not, be an example or a motivation so that the reader learn, reflect and arrive at their own conclusions. Appreciable reader, regardless of your profession or your need to acquire information, and develop your own content, you stick to your own code of ethics and your intellectual effort by developing your own ideas. That is really exciting. And implement the strategy of the swipe file is valuable as long as we do it as a marketing strategy, but with our own content. I hope and wish to leave me your own opinion on the matter.