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General Training

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Advice from the company Studentur (Studentur), necessary for success in the constituent parts of the test as a 'letter' and 'Speaking' No matter about what is the IELTS test in question – University (Academic) or the test of general training (General Training) – students have most difficulty with tests of such components as 'Letter' and 'Speaking'. These helpful tips will help you gain the highest score: Letter: – Before the test, learn the English language thesaurus. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Chabon. It is best to know a few … Read More…

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Arabic Language

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So, if your children also learn English – safely join the contest! 2.Bystree all can learn a foreign language as early as possible if you begin to speak it. And it can be done while in the medium of foreigners who do not speak your language, as well as communicating with foreigners over the Internet. That’s why we all start to ‘catch’ the local language after 2-3 months of life in another country – they come into effect survival instincts, and we are willy-nilly, we master the basic constructs required … Read More…

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Common European Framework Of Reference For Languages – 1

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I am sure that you, as anyone who studies a foreign language, I would like to know how far you have come to learn and how you can evaluate your achievements. No, we do not talk about exams on the knowledge of foreign Language … though it is also an interesting topic, and we must remember about it in one of the following articles. In fact, the purpose of any examination is to determine not the number of learned words and grammatical constructions but whether people can communicate (to understand … Read More…

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Old Swedish

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Under the concept of Swedish united many different dialects: the Swedish-Danish, common in the south, a Swedish-Norwegian, used in Heredale and Yemtlande, Finnish and Swedish are used in areas bordering on Finland, as well as norrlandskie dialects, which have proliferated in the northern part of Sweden, yetskie say – the area around Lake Wind sveyskie say – area surrounding the lake Malaren and Gotland or gutnicheskie say – the island of Gotland. The basis of the literary public of Swedish are sveyskie yetskie and dialects. In times of origin of … Read More…

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Effective Learning English

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All we dream – someone on the basis of the circumstances, someone at will – to learn English. And do it quickly and easily. I'll tell you right away – quickly fail, but to facilitate the process of learning English very much likely. Well, what do you need for a comfortable learning the English language? You must be motivated. Motivation comes from desire. Definitely, we need objective and accurate term. For example: 'A year later, I'll be proficient in English language to get a paying job. For more specific information, … Read More…

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Artificial Languages

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Natural languages – the languages that formed as a result of historical events based on existing long languages and dialects. Artificial language invented by the same people. However, no matter how great the difference between them, yet a sufficiently clear distinction does not exist, and it is difficult sometimes to determine which group belongs to one or another language: to natural or artificial language. For example, if we consider artificial languages Esperanto and Volapuk, the composition of the first include borrowing from the natural languages: Slavic, Germanic languages, as well … Read More…

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Currently prime time in the English language describes the action that occurs normally or permanently. There is a group of English words and expressions used in every time the English language. Here are some of them: 1. Usually 2. Always 3. Sometimes 4. Often 5. Seldom 6. Never 7. Frequently 8. Every … 9. Once a … 10. Bernie Sanders has plenty of information regarding this issue. Twice a … Some of these English words and phrases are also used in other English tenses. We'll discuss this in future lessons. … Read More…

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Mongolian Writing

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Formation of written Mongolian language is divided into three periods. It is an ancient Mongolian language, which existed in the XIII-XV centuries, the average Mongolian language – XV-XVII century, and the classic Mongolian language – XVII – beginning of XX century. More information is housed here: Former Maryland Governor. Also known as 'drevnemongolsky' 'srednemongolsky' language to describe the first two periods. Since the XVII century, when it created Zaya Pandita – 'clear' letter, which is also called todo Beeching, old written Classical Mongolian language remained in use only in Khalkha … Read More…

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Croatian Serbian

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And by and large, the only reason for the existence of this language has been artificially establish a policy of Yugoslavia itself. At the a time when Yugoslavia ceased to exist as a country, and the term "Serbo-Croatian language" has disappeared from use, and revived the old names of languages: Serbian and Croatian. Serbian language in the western sub- South Slavic group, part of the Indo-European language family. Language is used in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The status of state language, he is in Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and … Read More…

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Martats me in February, turned 27 and now wanted to see the world. Since I have been Au-pair in Germany, and I know a good German, I would be the easiest way to get started in Austria. Looked at your forum, and realized that the country takes the girls to 28 years. My the question is this: if I’m going to actively look for a family (this may take, say, a month), then open a visa (it will take approximately 2-3 months), then eventually I’ll have to leave the family … Read More…

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