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In our last publication, I compared the trader with a sniper who must combine self-control with high levels of aggression and determination. There is another aspect in which traders are like snipers: both have periods of intense activity punctuated potentially long periods of inactivity. Sniper can wait for hours or even days in ambush, waiting for his shot perfectly prepared. Humidity, cold, convulsion and just boredom – the biggest enemy of a sniper. Very rarely are people able to stay for a long time without moving, and then work with the utmost precision and skill. How do they do? Many permanently occupy your mind activity and the activity even at a time when they are physically immobile. One feature that I found among successful traders – is what they are in perfect working shape when not trading. When markets become very quiet and located within a limited range, they are engaged in various activities on the exchange of ideas to research.

Traders who can not safely withstand the omission inevitably feel the need to strike a bargain, often without any objective reasons for this. For those traders less burdensome to lose money than to experience boredom. Non-trading structuring your time, you can be a sniper: with a clear head and perception, even if you're waiting patiently for the next opportunity. View the markets and the relationships between them, view their statistics, testing trading ideas, a new study or training others traders – there are many activities that make the Non-trading time productive. If, in contrast, is your motivation does not understand markets and develop yourself – if your motivation is to enjoy the orgasm risk and fight – something for you Non-trading time will be abhorred. There are those who live to sell, and there are those who sell to make money. Commercial success – it is a reflection of what you bring to the market, trade can not be fill in your personal emptiness.