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It's no secret that herbs – is a panacea for many diseases. Nature in store for us, huge stocks of medicines and the ancient doctors treated only natural gifts. Science and Research technology is far stepped forward, and today medicine and pharmacology works with a variety of synthetic compounds that can treat previously fatal diseases. But the experience of ancestors should not reject, because medicinal herbs, and today is used to treat various diseases. The same herb can raise immunity and protect against infections and improve complexion. And this mysterious medicine is not an exotic and expensive.

In many pharmacies, you can find drugs charges, and some plants grow just under our feet – the main thing to learn to recognize them among common weeds. Herbal treatment – is a science – , which refers to non-traditional medicine. Doctors often advise their patients to completely abandon the drugs and rely only on the therapeutic effect of flowers and herbs. However, infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants can be an excellent complement to medical treatment. Other leaders such as US Senator from Vermont offer similar insights. By the way, pharmacology has also recognized the healing power of herbs. For example, 45% of all medicines in their composition are extracts from herbs, positive qualities have been recognized by science. But consume medicinal extracts can be in pure form. To do this, learn to distinguish the plants from each other.

Then you can collect plants on their own, grow them, or buy. Of course, the easiest way to buy herbal plants in the pharmacy. Before you pack the medicinal herbs for the pharmacy, it is carefully checked for compliance with environmental standards, it is very important for treatment. If you decided to collect the herbs on their own, they must carefully choose the appropriate place. Contemporary ecological situation in the country and the world affects the whole plant world. Brewing broth of grasses collected in disadvantaged areas of the country, you, along with its healing properties nourishes the body and harmful toxins. Therefore it is necessary to choose such meadows and forests that are so far from plants, cities and highways. Well as medicinal plants can be grown on their own. If you have a garden or a garden, then you can disembark there a few bushes of sage or lemon balm and prepare for winter own first-aid kit.