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On the shelves you can find a myriad of designers, intended for children of all ages. Often came into the store, young parents just do not know what to buy designer baby! It's so hard to soorientirovatsya in a variety of brands, materials and tsen.I how do you choose the one that will benefit your child? Among domestic manufacturers highlights the designer 'Gingerbread Man', the brand Stellar, because every detail of the design yavalyaetsya still rattle! A fun game to your baby provided! Besides him, we can find a whole … Read More…

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Baby Training

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Before you start training your baby starting abilities for dialogue through images RESS, is properly prepare for the learning process. Since the initial period begins teaching abilities, with through which the baby shows his desire to understand the range of interests the kid, and the objects and actions, which requires constant baby. This can be done in two ways: 1. Monitoring and recording of autenkom received Data in the table. It is advisable to watch that kid likes to do in your spare time, that kid loves, is – as … Read More…

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