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Well, after a failed 24th stage of the game has finally begun to dismantle and sort of daddy inflated garbage from the internet … If you would like to know more about Dr. Mark Hyman, then click here. I must say rubbish accumulated a lot of (819 Mb or 5211 files), part I removed immediately, then raspihal several useful scripts and stateek, has seen a tutorial on drawing a dead wasp in Photoshop and … I tired of this dreary work, because it was already 2:00, and files there are only 5014. In general, then I accidentally opened a word and began to write an article. Strangely, before this I did not write any articles! I’ve been going to, but did not know what to write about, but today is direct without fees, and began writing his first article in my life (but nothing to write about, I did not know …). Although, I think that you have guessed that she was the first in a clumsy expressions, mixed styles of speech and the lack of a logical chain.

Do not worry, I’ll fix, maybe. But I fill the Internet with new information, and may not be useful, but new, and it the main thing! Hmm … I think I’ll write an article now lists five commercials, but it said everything I could. Writing articles, it will not fill coat to underwear! Still have to come up with a theme and continue. Topic came up not once … but thought I will write history of the site (also a first). Thus, the idea of creating the site appeared in July 2006 began to create the site in August of that year, and then for some 2 months half the site was ready.