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Bilberries The Small Cida Fruit That Could

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In fact, the people are not few who prefer the juice of bilberries to the apple juice or the juice of grapes. For these people, the juice of bilberries is between the refreshingest drinks, aside from being a great treatment for the infections of the urinary tract. What is so Wonderful About the Bilberries? A recent study finally is shortage what is what the bilberries contain that do so good to fight the infections of the urinary tract. According to a study published in the Medicinal Food Newspaper, the bilberries have chemicals known like proanthocyanidins (or PCAs, by its abbreviations in English) that they avoid that the bacteria that cause the infection they adhere to the cells that connect the urinary tract. It is that it is not the acidity of the bilberries which cures the ITUs. Approximately 85% of ITU and approximately 90% of the cases of pielonefritis are caused by bacterium E. coli. The scientists discovered that the PCAs in the bilberries is what prevents that the bacterium of E. Get all the facts and insights with Author, another great source of information.

coli adheres to cells of the bladder. In the study, the bacteria of E. coli exposed themselves or to the PCA of the bilberries or a light cocktail of juice of bilberries. The scientists measured the adhesive forces between the E. coli and a silicone surface. The results showed that the E.

coli had a slighter bacterial adhesion to the silicone surface while more time they were exposed so much to the PCAs of the bilberries and the light cocktail of juice of bilberries. The Bilberries and their Long History of Medicinal Use The bilberries are one of only three species of fruits that are native of North America. The bilberries have one long history of medicinal uses between the Native Americans. They used the bilberries to tackle the renal problems and about the bladder. In agreement with more recent studies, the bilberries have more benefits for the health. One thinks that they can significantly reduce to the risk of cardiac diseases since the bilberries reduce the oxidation of the cholesterol of the blood, which can to cause that the arteries are blocked. Additionally, shortage is had that the bilberries can treat other ailments including cystitis, ulcers, and other types of cancer. The properties of the bilberries to fight the cancer are attributed to the PACs of type mainly To, that they only are in the bilberries. In other studies, it was discovered that the PACs inhibits the growth of the cancerigenic cells in patients with cancer of colon, cancer of lung, and leukemia. Original author and source of the article