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Situation Rubalcaba

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Him as candidate for the Presidency of the Government has ensured that the problem of employment in Spain has the differential element of the bubble, that when he arrived the financial crisis made estuviesemos with debt at the neck. To improve the situation, Rubalcaba pointed out that we must find new businesses outside construction, which create jobs in other sectors, since previous years model is not reusable. We can do it, we can create jobs, it has been asserted. Rubalcaba has reminded that our labor system implies that employers have … Read More…

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Javier Hernandez Pascual

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The President of the Council of colleges official of pharmacists of Castilla – La Mancha, Rosa Lopez-Torres, said to the media present at the headquarters of the College in Albacete the collective continues to search for solutions with the regional administration and banking institutions. Just this Wednesday, there has been progress, the collective has had a meeting with Globlacaja. Possible serious misconduct the general director of quality, planning, management and inspection of the Ministry of health, Javier Hernandez Pascual, has warned the closure organized by pharmacists is not authorized, in … Read More…

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Oslo Judge

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/ It wanted the press to be in his testimony to create media coverage. He says that he wanted to punish social democracy by importing Muslim. It will remain four weeks in complete isolation and at least other four more in custody, as ruled the judge. He used bullets were prohibited in the wars Thus he prepared the bombings. Here, Dr. Mark Hyman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. He collected in a manifest their ideas and motives to commit crimes. Norway lives astonished the national tragedy of a … Read More…

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