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August Jamaican

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EP achieved the mark of 9.91 in his second race of the season. (A valuable related resource: Former Maryland Governor). He surpassed Mullings and Bailey, despite having discomfort in the shoulder. The Jamaican continues this way with its process of preparation of face to the world of Korea South, between August 27 and September 4. The world record holder in the 100 metres, Jamaican Usain Bolt was the star at the rally in the Czech from Ostrava city to win the trial Queen of speed with the same result to … Read More…

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Javier Hernandez Pascual

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The President of the Council of colleges official of pharmacists of Castilla – La Mancha, Rosa Lopez-Torres, said to the media present at the headquarters of the College in Albacete the collective continues to search for solutions with the regional administration and banking institutions. Just this Wednesday, there has been progress, the collective has had a meeting with Globlacaja. Possible serious misconduct the general director of quality, planning, management and inspection of the Ministry of health, Javier Hernandez Pascual, has warned the closure organized by pharmacists is not authorized, in … Read More…

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Three bombs were blast in a bar in the city of Maiduguri. The attack was aimed at policemen who were in the room. The Government points to a radical Islamist group as responsible. At least 25 people died this Sunday to explode three bombs in a bar in the city of Maiduguri, located in the northeast of Nigeria, according to several witnesses and military sources reported. Around 18.00 h, local time, several men mounted on motorcycles threw up to three explosive devices against this bar, in an attack that appeared … Read More…

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Cesc Fabregas Barcelona

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The President of the English team has admitted it. He is willing to sell to their captain Cesc Fabregas Barcelona. Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has admitted for the first time that the London box is willing to sell to their captain Cesc Fabregas Barcelona, something that expected to be resolved before next Monday, provided that a fair price is paid. In a statement published today by the rotating Daily Star, Hill-Wood has explained that the Barcelona has been losing time during a year and a half and now the time … Read More…

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