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Film the King’s speech, shows the implementation of practically all the keys of success throughout the story in just two hours. It is impressive to note once more that the majority of humans are not born with all the qualities and skills already developed, they develop during the process of life. In this film, the story revolves around the future King Jorge VI, and shows us how he was applying and developing, perhaps unconsciously, the keys to success. We might think that someone who is born in an environment surrounded by opulence, wealth and abundance, the next logical step would be become a leader who has already settled life. But man is not born, is made to apply the keys to success.

At the beginning a Prince unsure of himself, polyvinylpyrrolidone by being a stutterer, and with great fear is shown to become in what his family, his people and himself expected to become. The first key to success that shows us is humility to recognize your current situation and ask It helps to solve the problem of stuttering. Imagine a figure of royalty used to receive praise and be in public scrutiny to ask for help. Certainly much humility is required to recognize before Logue his problem, and much more humility to accept the treatment of commoner that this gives to the Prince. All this could endure it with ups and downs having always clear your ultimate goal – another of the keys to success-public speaking clearly.

Easy you would have been abandoning all its meta, and on more than one occasion did. And was his clear vision of who I wanted to become, one of the essential keys to success, that forced it to not hesitate and work on achieving your goal. If to this we add one more than the keys to success: perseverance which showed the practice to each that it was possible and to seek the support of Logue in the challenges faced along the way we see as little little man determined to achieve their goals and become who wants to become late or early succeeds.