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The Story of Lot and His Daughters

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The angels are required to stamp and assure you that Zoar will be safe from the devastation, but warn them and undertake their way and that under no circumstances look back. Already the sun had risen when Lot and his family arrived at the gates of Zoar. That was when the Lord begins the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Despite the ban, Lot’s wife looks back and becomes a pillar of salt. There are two elements that we have a strong presence in the latter paragraphs.

First, the city of Zoar, and then converted into a pillar of salt by the wife of Lot. In the second half of chapter 19 we see as Lot decides to leave town to go. Without much explanation we are told that Lot and his daughters are installed in a cave. And therein begins the “other story.” The Bible introduces us suddenly into a conversation between the daughters of Lot: “Our father is old, and no man left on Earth to come to us, his daughters, who had not known a man, so it is conceivable they were very young, they conclude that there is no time to lose and can not think of anything other than the father drunk and sleep with him in order to conceive a child. In the Bible is really difficult to interpret texts, difficult when the aim is to do it without violating the tenets laid down. But if what interests us is to reconstruct a scenario plausible, then there are other ways.

The underlying reality tells another story that silenced. Consider the situation. The older sister tells the child that no man on earth to come to them, hence they choose to take this drastic decision. But that does not hold, since we know (and players too) the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, not the entire Earth. And that becomes more incongruous reflection of the daughters when, shortly before we hear of his departure from the city of Zoar, which was not destroyed and, however small, any man would have among its inhabitants. Why put in the mouth of the sisters something that could not possibly be true? But let’s move on, as if we had not noticed this detail. First, the greater and lesser then sleep with the father on consecutive nights. Before you get drunk. In the Bible is to make it clear that Lot did not realize that their daughters go to bed with him nor when she arose. This Lot is exonerated of any responsibility. It is difficult ignore someone with such a drunk, who does not even remember what happens, is able to keep sexually active. I, for one, I can not. If we also take into account his advanced age it is even more suspect. Equally curious, to say the least, is the fact that only two sexual acts bearing two pregnancies. Statistically it seems rather exceptional.