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Make Legs Slender

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Beautiful women's feet all the time, attracted special interest in men. Now that his feet were awarded the name of 'beautiful', they should have set parameters. Considered beautiful long legs, their length greater than 1, 4 trunk. If you do not have such a long – do not worry, hide this flaw is possible with proper clothing. For example, wearing high heels, you will significantly lengthen them. GEA spoke with conviction.

Just lengthen tight trousers with high waist, short jackets and sweaters. Short visually lengthens your clothes. If your feet do not fit the current parameters of thickness, their appearance can be improved through exercise. The best way to get rid of fat – it's fitness halls and gyms, where there are experts who will pick you the most effective course of exercises. For self-improvement of the parameters of their feet, the best way would be jogging, as well as exercises for stretching muscles. Form the legs depends on the thickness of the bones of hips, legs and on the development of major leg muscles.

If you want to reduce leg muscle mass, do not consume animal proteins after a workout. Many already have drawn up by home exercises that will help you lose weight on their feet. Structured home exercises can be purchased in a store, downloaded from the Internet, there are even certain television programs, dedicated to getting rid of excess weight. Opportunities for the sea – the main thing to want. Slender legs for a week There is a fitness program for the legs to make them slim in the last 7 days. Deal is worth twice a week. 1. Stand face to the narrow side of the open door and grasp the handles on both sides. Behind him put a low stool. Slowly start counting: 1,2,3 … and so on until 10. Then scroll down to the level where the finger on a bench (You can not sit down and it; enough just to touch). Before you start to climb again count to 10. Repeat this exercise for 100 seconds. 2. Lie on your side, bending the lower leg at the knee and resting his hand on the opposite sex. Second hand under his head. Count to 10, lift the top leg to 80 degrees from the floor. Before you start down it, re-count to 10. Follow for 100 seconds on each leg. 3. Fix the weighting of 0.5 kg on a single leg and stand up straight. Bending down and forward, uprites palms in 30-cm bench or other support, located in front of you. Counted to 10, pick up pace with worsening, bending the knee and then lower it. Perform for 100 seconds on each leg. 4. Facing the wall, beneath the feet rolled roller towel. Leaning against the wall hands, count to 10 and stand on tiptoes so that the heel touched towels. Re-count to 10 and return to starting position.