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Take It With A Grain Of Salt

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I just saw a television propaganda theme, repeated several times in the few seconds. it takes the wedge, is the title of this post: “Now everything is cheaper” … I think trying to explain the falsity of this statement to the financial geniuses or propaganda of the government is useless … they already know is a lie … The explanation is attempted below for those tempted to swallow this lie. First a little history. The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a form of indirect tax and territorial applies quite common … Read More…

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Times Billy

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The night brings a reality of freshness in winter which starts in Buenos Aires. Billy Bond is the man in the interview. How write from an era that I not met? Even if recourse to the historical archives and you can play on words all lived by Bondo as say you – I never approach me toward the experience busy with one of the pioneers of rock in Argentina. The only memory I have of those years (had six) is a disc lid of the weighing of the Rock that … Read More…

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