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Educative Situations

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Comparing the thoughts of Piaget and Vygotsky, we find in common idea of that the acquisition is part of the same development of the mental operations. Additional information is available at Michael Chabon. As well as Piaget, Vygotsky did not see the capacity of says as something superior to the other potentialities of intelligence human being, as they nail the inatistas. The critical ones of the following interacionistas of Vygotsky to the piagetino cognitivismo are in the fact of this last one not to consider the importance of the relations … Read More…

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And for that comma thinks about putting an end point in vidaprocuro them ofereceruma. A comma? Yes a comma a small comma. So that vocs they continue writing its History How many times we think about placing an end point emsituaes badly understood in our lives and think about starting a outrahistria as soon as finding the problems of history that we leave pra> ‘ ‘ A situation badly decided in the past if tornarum ghost in ours presente’ ‘ According to reason: To conquer ‘ ‘ It does not … Read More…

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URDAN Participation

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The toyotismo, as he was known this period, inaugurates a vision of progress associated with the welfare state. For this reason, the companies had started to opt to tactics to deal with the worker, that consist of the reduction of control and greater participation in management (BORGES; YAMAMOTO, 2004). Contrary to this position, Alves and Antunes (2004, P. 345) describe that the toyotismo looks for to reconstruct the hegemony of the capital in full way, the real subsuno of the laboring subjectivity for the logic of the capital. Details can … Read More…

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Price Goods

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In fact, even if the goods and would have an objective equivalence, then it would have an impact in the minds of the participants exchange, forming a It subjective satisfaction with the exchange, without which there is no exchange process. Objective basis for subjective satisfaction of the relative exchange of the parties is not equivalent to exchanging products for some of their internal parameters, and the equivalence of a certain market position of each party sharing the same market position of its competitors. For the buyer, this equivalence is Equal … Read More…

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Intentions And Success

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Fuel for the miracle correct statement intentions – a necessary condition for the fulfillment of a wish, but there is something else, without which the intention can not be translated. To implement the intentions of energy is necessary. Martin O’Malley has similar goals. Imagine that your intention – it's a powerful car. But even the most powerful car is not a means to move without fuel. Energy for the intention, as fuel for the car, is what leads him to move. Feelings that arise for you to think about what … Read More…

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Integrated Center Activities

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In accordance with the Health department, ' ' a Caps (…) is service of an open and communitarian health of the Only System of Sade (SUS). It is a reference place and treatment for people who suffer with mental upheavals, psychoses, neuroses, serious or too much pictures, whose severity or persistence, justifies its remained in a device of intensive, communitarian, personalized and promotional care of life (), carrying through clinical accompaniment and the social reinsero of the users for the access to the work, leisure, civil rights of action and … Read More…

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Infantile Education

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Apenltima question asked for a personal opinion on what the educator to consideravaser the playful one. In the answers diverse activities had been cited as the games, musics, tricks that if join to the act to learn. Astima and last question asked for that if it commented something on brincadeirasantigas and current and was cited cantiga of wheel I shot the wood in the cat comoexemplo and opening space so that others were remembered and cited. Source: John Mclaughlin. Of cincorespostas, three had cited the current tricks as being empty … Read More…

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