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Communication and behavior are the axis around which our destiny is shaped. Frequently Novelist has said that publicly. The way in which you communicate with yourself and with others, and the actions that you take, are the main determinants of what will be the life that you win. What do you do when after putting all your efforts to achieve something, those efforts fail? What you say to yourself in those moments, and the actions you have accordingly been conducted, make all the difference between being a failure in perpetuity, or be able to someday get to succeed in something. The success does not come by chance, and however is a simple thing to reach it, but you don’t make the mistake to confuse simple with easy. If you want to succeed at something, first you have to know what that something is, and then you have to be willing to pay the price to get it. It is so simple to simple success, why do so few people that we can qualify how successful? Because many people don’t know what they want, those that know it many not know what it costs get it, and those who know both things, many are not willing to do what is necessary, i.e. pay the price that is due.

The price of success may consist of long and grueling hours of work, be a long time away from our families and friends, and persist while everyone tell us not to do it, and it is a price that not everyone is willing to pay. Only a small percentage of people actually live as they had dreamed of, because all this adds the fact that what we covet can that do not match our real possibilities. Many people have more capacity than think, and however live a life limited by lack of confidence in themselves; There are also others that are perpetual unsuccessful for not realizing that the objectives that are set are unrealistic in accordance with their capabilities. Both lack of confidence and the same excess can contribute to not have a life as successful as it could be. The most serious limitations are those that you yourself look.

If you are convinced that you can’t do something, never do it. On the other hand, there are real limitations that must be taken into account. There are people who are clear on what is what you would like to get and what is the appropriate strategy to achieve it, but (for example) lack the physical energy to carry it out. In this case it is better that they desist from the company and seeking another objective that is more within their reach. Your life can still be happy depending on the way in which to communicate with themselves who have achieved mastery of communication are capable of modifying their own experience of the world, can shape their perceptions and therefore to their feelings. The feeling inside of success, which is something completely different from the impression of success that we cause to our surroundings in the world, depends entirely on the way in which we read our circumstance. The happiness and the joy of being successful are within your reach even if you only know that you’ve achieved success. Original author and source of the article