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Formula One World Championship

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Fernando Alonso, Spanish pilot of the Ferrari team, was awarded last weekend in Singapore, his fourth triumph, the second consecutive in the current season of the Formula One World Championship. In Singapore, Alonso departed from the first position on the starting grid. From there, the Spanish gave an excellent demonstration of talent behind the wheel to keep first during almost the entire competition, which was composed of 61 laps. The only occasion in which Alonso led not was for a small period of lap 33 when it overran the runway to make a change of tires. With absolute control of his car and an unquestionable authority, Alonso proved that it is one of the pilots with better training. Also left to see his enormous experience, a factor that makes it one of the Favorites to win the Championship.

On the Marina Bay Street Circuit, Fernando Alonso had to redouble their efforts to not lose its prized position. Was a fairly complicated test to the twice world champion (2005, 2006), since throughout the route was heavily pressured by Sebastian Vettel. Vettel was the great rival of Alonso during the entire competition. The German Red Bull Driver stayed glued to the powerful F10 from the Spanish from the moment when the output signal, was given until he finished the tour. All the attention the event focused on these two pilots, who were commissioned to create emotion with a fight melee. It was a very even confrontation, while one marked a fastest lap, the other followed him to do the same.

That was the tonality that was observed during the first half of the race. Turn after turn, Alonso and Vettel remained each one by its objective. And however, it was clear that Vettel vehicle would not be as fast as the Spanish. Behind all the action of the leaders, the rest of pilots also sought to pre-empt some among others. In the midst of that gave a strong crash between Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber. The English pilot smashed his car, which lost its possibilities of power approaching leaders of the general classification to be excluded from the competition. Going closer to the end of the test, Alonso remained at the forefront of the competition. For its part, Vettel remained behind but not able to adelantar him. Alonso managed to cross the finish line, first 0.293 thousandths of seconds followed by Vettel. Completed the podium Mark Webber, who tried to fight the leaders in a few turns to finish. After the result at the Grand Prix of Singapore, Fernando Alonso added 25 points (191) and placed second in the general classification of drivers, which is led by Mark Webber with 202 units. Despite the short difference between Alonso and Webber the Ferrari driver recognizes the close proximity between the first five pilots of the classification further complicates the Championship.