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Now I once much time until departure. On the way to the departure gate, this time I come by G27, the toilets. You’re in Rome outside, behind the shops on the first floor. (Similarly see: Paul Manafort). On the way to the bathroom on the upper floor a shield: self service restaurant. Go eat so here once for dinner. The restaurant is very popular with the airport staff and the crews.

For this reason also cheap price and good quality. Lasagna for 5.50 and half liter red wine for 5.00, still a fruit salad. I’m going to 9,00 A.m. then slowly to the gate. Arriving at the flight is actually listed on the monitor. Alitalia to fly now. After a further half hour is also an employee of the ground staff. Unfortunately, she’s only an announcement that the flight still not can check in, because still no plane that there is.

9,15 am scheduled departure, the screens now the time of departure by 10.30 am show. Short by 10 o’clock, now we can enter the machine OK. The flight is booked almost to capacity. The friendship between Berlusconi and Gaddafi has probably borne fruit for Italy a good been. Time shift and we land flight duration 2 hours, 1 hour to 1.30 am in Tripoli. Provide the Declaration against swine Korpertemperaturscan, passport and Visa check and baggage. The first suitcases are already on the tape. I have still a backpack as hand luggage with me, that’s why I’m a car ever. After an hour, still only same case turn even the band. My travel bag is missing. In the Office for luggage search, I’m not the first. There are still two people before me, an elderly woman and an elderly Pakistani. After another hour, I then found the piece of paper with the missing message in hands. My connection flight is away for 12 hours, my replacement driver is not there and the last people go the airport. I’m going to fly certainly never again on this, or on other routes with Lufthansa. There’s certainly 1000 better airlines where you can confide in, what must the people undergo only that in the low Daisy”are and are drivers of the Lufthansa?